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Our culinary tradition

Salento cuisine is simple and tasty, thanks to the combination of products of good earth ripened in the sun, enhanced by the herbs of the Mediterranean scrub and olive oil.
The sun, the wind, the sea mature spontaneous products that the skilled hands will be able to elaborate to make true dishes of Salento cuisine. Our dishes are mostly made using the organic products of the farm, and reflect the local tradition, scents of simple things and flavors of dishes to be enjoyed with excellent local wines

Every day we offer a different menu with a wide variety of vegetable-based starters, focaccia, pittule, croquettes / panzerotti, fried with olives, white broad beans with chicory, peperonata, savory mussels with fried bread, local cheeses, etc.
The first courses based on fresh homemade pasta, here are some specialties:
sagne torte, orecchiette and cavatelli, lasagna, cannelloni, various pignate and much more.
The main courses based on grilled meat (sausage, pork or veal rib, turcinieddu / gnommareddhi, skewer, pancetta), pignata or sauce horse meat, stuffed meatloaf, rabbit with sauce, etc. all accompanied by vegetable side dishes.
Finally, seasonal fruit and typical homemade desserts (pasticciotto leccese, fruit tarts).
All the products used on the farm are organic.
The catering service is only open to guests of the La Verna farmhouse.

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Via Enrico Fermi, 73053, Patù LE