The cuisine “salentina” is simply and delicious with its products maturated under the sunlight and over the ground of meditteranean macula.
The products become mature thanks to sun, wind and sea of our region together with the able manipulation of farmers.
Our food is realized using biological products of our agrarian company. To appreciate it, it should be combine with our best and local wine.

Every day we will delight You with a different Menu composed by various aperitifs ("focacce, pittule, crocchette, panzerotti, frittata, fave, cicorie, peperonata, cozze, formaggi, etc…"); first plate, more kinds of pasta made on site by our chef, here are some specialities: “sagne torte, sciuscella, ciceri e tria, orecchiette e cavatelli, gnocchi di patate, pappardelle, lasagna, cannelloni, crepes, massa con i ceci, orecchiette con le cime di rapa pignate con legumi”.
The second dish, meat grill horse with essence, barbecue, etc.
Finally You will appreciate our best kinds of fruit and desserts.
Our restaurant is opened for external visitors too subject to reservation.
The price for a meal starts from € 24,00 including:
- various appetizer;
- first plate;
- second dish with side dish;
- wine and water;


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